Do’s & Don’ts For Your Upcoming Move

A Broker is a person or company that acquires shipments then submits them to drivers across the country to see who would like to haul them.  Many times the price will be too good to be true which more than likely it is.  Once the Broker gets paid they are out of the loop and many times the driver will hold your items, hostage, in lieu of more money prior to delivery or worse hold your items for days if not weeks.

When choosing an interstate mover make sure to avoid the following:

  • Deposits
  • Phone Quotes Only
  • Email addresses not ending with a company name; those ending with @gmail, @yahoo, etc should be a red flag you are dealing with a broker.
  • Check to see if they are registered as a hauler

Major Van Lines Are:

  • National Van Lines
  • North American
  • United
  • Allied
  • Mayflower

These companies will want to do some type of survey, Physical or VR.  Booking over the phone based on how many rooms you have is not a quote and is not a good way to go.  Remember if the price is too good to be true, it is. Most reputable haulers should be within the same range. If Apples are compared to Apples, similar weights and services are offered.

Interstate Quote Types

Non-Binding: A quote that you will pay actual services; weight, packing, and other charges.

Binding: This means regardless of what your weight is or services provided your price will not change.

Guaranteed Not to Exceed: A quote that gives you a top-end number, weight, packing, and services. If that number is less you get the benefit of the lesser amount, if it exceeds you will go with the top end number; as long as you don’t change services quoted.

Hourly Quotes: Be ready, if wanting to cut time

  • take apart furniture
  • disconnect appliances
  • have boxes labeled on the sides for where to put them at the destination

Binding Quotes: Go over the scope of the work with your sales rep so there are no gray areas.

Claims Process

  • 90 days to file a claim
  • Particle board and packed by owner boxes are NOT claimable
  • Some items will require a waiver due to the size or conditions
  • Submit a claim in writing
  • You still need to pay for your move