How Solving Workplace Challenges with Copper Palm Can Be Seamless for Facilities Managers

Extraordinary circumstances and challenges have arisen in the past year due to the global pandemic, affecting everyone and everything that we know. No one could have predicted the outcome, so many businesses are left to figure things out on their own. These exceptional challenges call for new strategies in business functionality, business ethics, and ensuring the safety and comfortability of employees in the office. 

Much of the burden to resolve the multitude of workplace challenges lay on the facilities manager of an organization. Copper Palm Moving Services is dedicated to collaborating with facilities managers every step of the way to ensure that they have the most current and precise information and advice available, which will give them the confidence they need when resolving these challenges.

See below for the different ways we approach it.

What Sets Copper Palm Apart From Other Moving Companies

With over 26 years of experience, Copper Palm understands that superior quality service is all about the client. That’s why our method has always been rooted in listening to the unique challenges and needs of our customers to produce the best possible solutions. During these unprecedented times, many businesses were left to make drastic changes immediately in response to COVID-19. Certain precautionary measures like social distancing guidelines, sanitization protocols, optimization of the workplace, and installing plexiglass partitions were implemented by all of our customers. Procedures like these are what the new foundation for all business environments looks like.

Not every business faces the same challenges, there are constantly changing variables so we recognize that every customer is different. That is why we deliver customized services to perfectly fit the needs of each specific customer that we service. For some of our customers, only a few changes and adjustments are needed, while a complete rebuild and reorganization of new or existing workspaces are needed by others. There is no cookie-cutter solution for every customer and business, everything depends on their unique needs, objectives, and what their budget looks like. Through our consultation process we ensure to receive a comprehensive understanding of the issues our customers are facing so that we may address them and develop a holistic solution.

Facilities Management Challenges 

Our #1 focus is assisting our customers regardless of the obstacles and making the entire process as smooth and easy as possible. Facilities managers are faced with more now than ever before—some responsibilities include managing safety protocols, controlling health risks, optimizing the work area, managing costs, maintaining an in-person and remote workforce, acquiring new technology and innovations, maintaining company culture, and many more

We understand that it is a lot to manage and that is why our customers look to Copper Palm to be part of their team and to offer more than the competitors, like original ideas and reliable solutions that we have personally proven. Our dependable solutions stem from our first-hand experience in integrating them within our company, as well as helping other customers in various industry areas with similar problems. We recognize the value in speaking from experience so we only offer tried and true solutions to our customers while offering cost savings, economical and efficient solutions. 

Leveraging Our Experience 

Blake Miller who is the owner of Copper Palm has been moving Texans and other folks’ most cherished items for 32 years and counting! Also, through our amazing team, there are over 50 years of combined experience in moving and storage services. Taking advantage of our experience means investing in a positive and stress-free environment for your employees. Through our own employees, we’ve been able to make some radical changes to our workspace. Taking into account their suggestions, questions, and concerns, we’ve worked as a team to assess major problems in the workplace and how to reorganize to ensure safe spaces for the return of our employees. Like our customers, we have had to place plexiglass partitions, sanitize and disinfect the office and other spaces, and oversee remote and in-person staff. 

Concurrently, we have had to manage additional obstacles like maintaining company culture, keeping employees engaged and collaborative throughout these unprecedented hardships. In addition, we have relied on technology to keep our company connected and have done the same for our customers.

We provide ideas and resources on how to best pack, move and store all of your business’ belongings, delicate equipment, and technology while being as efficient and economical as possible. We value the relationships we have with our customers and understand that moving is one of the most stressful events in life, so that is why we are always looking to help them save financially and provide personalized service. 

Our customers also benefit from the fact that we carry a higher level of insurance due to our licensing through TxDMV and FMCSA. We are licensed to not only provide moving services throughout the state but throughout the entire nation, too. We always encourage potential customers to check their moving company’s licenses to prevent them from falling into a fraudulent tactic that is used by many illegitimate moving companies. Our customers rely on our expertise to help them with their most important moves across town, state, or country! 

Certified Solutions

 With close to 50 years of combined experience, our solutions originate from highly skilled experts in the field. Being Austin’s favorite moving company means we stay current in all topics and issues surrounding relocation and logistics, and ensure we are providing top-quality service and expertise to our customers and more. We are constantly connecting with our customers and interacting with them daily, so we can identify issues in their work before they even realize it was a problem, to begin with. We rely on our amazing team of account managers, project managers, movers, and more that are in the field to draw on their expertise and experience since they are the face of the company and are deep-rooted in the relationships of our customers. 

Our long-established principles of hard work, efficiency, professionalism, and quality are what enable us to guide our customers through any challenges they are faced with and help make the entire process a breeze! We listen to our customers to understand their workplace challenges, and create tailored, reliable solutions while also looking for new ways to bring added value as their workplace services partner. 

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