• Hidden Moving Fees Blog Post Provided by Copper Palm Moving & Storage

  • Being prepared when moving goes a long way to making your move a smooth transition and avoiding any hidden moving fees.  From properly labeling boxes to making checklists, there are a number of ways to ensure a successful move for everyone.  Often times, however, the “moving budget” is overlooked or even ignored, resulting in some unexpected and unnecessary expenses.  Copper Palm Moving wants you to have a firm understanding of what expenses come with moving, and especially the not so obvious expenses, to help you avoid having a moving expense meltdown.

    Hidden Fees in Obvious Expenses

    Of course you have already considered the packing equipment, rental trucks and moving company expenses, right?  Those are the obvious, in your face expenses that everyone foresees.  However, even with those expenses, such as the moving company, doing your homework on the company’s reputation and miscellaneous moving fees can still help you avoid extra money.  Make sure that before you sign on the dotted line, you know exactly what you are paying for… or not.  Added insurance, rental fees and even hidden storage fees can quickly sneak money from your wallet.

    Storage Fees

    Did you realize just how much STUFF you have to move?  Will it all fit in your new place?  Or what about a delay in moving into the new house; are you now needing to store some boxes… or that unused and dusty treadmill… for a few weeks?  Storage is not cheap and should be added to a budget under the “Just In Case” category.  If you don’t end up using it, great!  But if you do need it, you will be happy to have the money set aside.


    Depending on the utility company, even transferring your contract with them can mean added moving fees.  Especially when dealing with brand new accounts, such as with your water or electricity, these companies can ask for a deposit pending your credit.  Assuming you will not have to pay, can leave you scrambling to make up that deposit money and until you pay it, you can literally be left out in the dark!

    Other deposits to consider, especially if renting, are initial rental deposits, HOA fees or pet deposits.  While you fully expect to get these back, the initial money is still gone… and not 100% guaranteed to be returned.

    Toss Away Items

    Moving an entire household, sometimes with years or even decades, of stuff can seem downright impossible.   To alleviate the pain of boxing away and transporting every little thing, some people take the big things and trash the small, easily replaced items.  While that may help make the actual packing and transfer easier, you will still need to replace all of these items.  From $2 spatulas to $3 spices to $5+ cleaning supplies, all of these “little expenses” can add up in no time!

    Fuel and Road Trip Costs

    Moving day is here!  The truck is packed, the kids are loaded in the car and now you just have to make the trip to your new home.  Unless your destination is right around the corner, odds are that you will be spending money for snacks, meals and gas along the way.  Budget in the “day of move” spending money to help make the whole experience less stressful and an adventure for everyone involved!