• Long Term Storage Tips Provided by Copper Palm Moving & Storage

  • Figuring out where to store your possessions for a long period of time may seem like an easy choice. However, there are lots of small details to look into before you making the final decision. By following the tips below, you are sure to make long term storage easier and less of a hassle.

    Fragile Items

    There is no doubt that you have to be careful when packing fragile items. From your best china to an expensive piece of art, you don’t want them to break, thus taking extra precautions is necessary. Individually wrap each item in a soft cloth, bubble wrap, or newspaper. Once you wrap them, place the items in a box filled with foam or packing peanuts to give another layer of safety. When the box is full, be sure to tape it tightly shut and label the box “Fragile” and “This Side Up”. When packing the storage unit, put the fragile boxes in the back as to not disturb them when coming in and out to pack the rest of the items.


    Furniture can come in awkward shapes or sizes. To save the most room, you should take apart and remove any pieces that are not permanently hinged on the furniture. When doing so, be sure to store all screws and nuts in a bag so they are easily accessible when you are ready to reassemble the furniture. If the furniture is made of wood, polish the piece before storing. Also make sure you cover it with cloth or packing paper so dirt and debris do not affect it. If the furniture is cloth, be sure to vacuum it with a brush to remove excess dirt. You should also cover it with 100% cotton white sheets. Colored sheets may bleed color onto the stored items if by chance there is any moisture in the unit. Always stack chairs on top of one another to save space and keep them secure. Try and place the larger pieces of furniture on the ground of the storage unit as you may be able to stack some pieces on top of one another to save space.


    Just like fragile items, electronics require extra care due to their high value. The best and safest way to store electronics is to store them in their original casing so that it is wrapped as securely as possible. However, not everyone will save the original box. If this is the case, make sure to cover the item with bubble wrap, newspaper, foam, or any other soft protective material. When placing it in the unit, store it towards the back next to the other fragile items. By doing so, you decrease the risk of it being broken when you are walking in and out of the storage unit to pack the rest of the items.

    Useful Tips

    Make sure the storage unit is climate controlled to avoid moisture buildup which can lead to molding. Even when you find the correct place to store your items long term, make sure to clean the unit before you actually store anything in there. You don’t want your precious items sitting in dirt for a long period of time. When packing items be sure to use new sturdy boxes and label them with the contents of that specific box. Again, avoid packing items in plastic bags because they can have moisture buildup. Also, place your items on pallets if possible. It keeps boxes and furniture off the ground which prevents against damage and keeps the air moving.

    If you follow these tips, long term storage should be a breeze. The most important things to remember are to clean everything and make sure you have all the necessary packing materials. Long term storage doesn’t have to be a hassle, just take the necessary precautions and there will be no trouble.