• Packing and Moving Tips Provided by Copper Palm Moving & Storage

    If choosing to pack yourself make sure and start "at least" a week in advance of your move.  Most people underestimate the time and energy it will take to properly pack your items.  Remember that it just takes a phone call to schedule a professional packing crew to handle this task - so don't feel overwhelmed let us help!

    Make sure and put some paper or bubble wrap in the bottom of the box when packing FRAGILE items.  If using paper “scrunch” it first.  This provides more cushioning for the items in the box.  Wrap each piece separately.  Cushion the top and sides and then fill each box completely (don't leave space at the top of the box).  Use dish packs, a type of box made of heavier cardboard, for valuable glassware, including stemmed glassware, figurines, and valuable china.  Remember to NEVER leave any empty space in a box.  Make sure and seal boxes with packing tape on top and bottom.  Our movers cannot move boxes that are not properly sealed.  

    We would discourage you using regular newspaper as packing material due to the fact it will tend to bleed ink on the  items being wrapped.

    All books and heavy items should be packed in SMALL boxes.  If you pack these items in larger boxes the weight of the box becomes a factor for your movers and their safety in transporting the boxes.  

    Any item small enough to fit in a box or small pictures should be wrapped and packed in boxes.  Larger pieces of artwork will be transported by the movers and wrapped in thick moving pads for safe transportation.

    Again remember that all boxes should be taped on top and bottom.  Label the boxes on at least two sides to make sure they are visible when the boxes are stacked.

    Clearly label those boxes as containing fragile items with the word FRAGILE in large letters. 

    Boxes containing very light contents such as lamp shades should be labeled TOP LOAD ONLY in large letters so that these boxes are not crushed by heavier boxes being placed on top of them.

    Group boxes together that will be delivered to the same room in the new house.

    Clothing and linen items can remain in the dresser drawers.  Remove any small or breakable items from drawers and pack them separately in boxes.

    Poorly packed boxes will result in damages no matter how carefully the movers handle them.