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    Long Distance moves MUST be customized for every customer, and Copper Palm wouldn’t have it any other way. It all starts with our fantastic long distance moving division. Our team has set out to literally wow our customers with an industry leading service that you can’t find anywhere else. We understand the entire process, and we’ll make sure you have the clarity you need to make an informed decision that you fits your personal preferences and budget.

    We don’t simply move your “stuff” from point A to B. Our long distance moving company will help individuals and families transition into the next stage of their lives in a new town as hassle-free as possible. Browse through our helpful long distance moving tips to make your move easier. 

    Copper Palm Moving is an agent for National Van Lines. If you are looking for long distance moving services, we will work with National Van Lines to get your belongings safely to your destination. To learn more about National Van Lines, please click here.


    What Makes a Copper Palm Moving Long Distance Move Better?


     1. Dedicated Truck – Yes, that’s right. Why be forced to share truck space with 3+ other families where lost items and damage are more common, when you can choose the more assured option that your home will never be mixed in with anyone else’s belongings.

    2. Direct, Door-to-Door Service – Why risk delays when you have a better option? Once your home is safely loaded on our trucks, Copper Palm Moving crews drive straight to your new home and unload. Period. It’s simple, customized service brought to you by people that truly care.

    3. Communication – Whether you call, text, email, or send us a message in a bottle, our team will be there to answer any questions and concerns you have along.

    4. Top-notch Movers – At the end of the day, it comes down to how knowledgeable your long distance moving company is at ACTUALLY moving your home, and Copper Palm is proud to offer you more than 30 years of moving industry pedigree. We know the tips and tricks that will go a long way in helping your items arrive with as little damage risk as possible.

    We’re slowing building quality resources for your long distance move on our website, but the fastest way to get the answers you need is to give our team a call. Copper Palm Moving will be glad to go over all of your individual details and present you with options that make sense for your situation. We operate with a service before sales mentality, which simply means that our priority is providing you with some of the best service in the industry rather than trying to oversell you on services you don’t need.