• Moving Checklist Timeline Provided by Copper Palm Moving & Storage

    Moving Checklist Timeline

    As Soon as You Decide to Move

    • Clean and organize all closets.  Now is the time to donate all unwanted items – why pay to move them.

    • De-clutter every room, including the garage.

    As Soon as You Know a Moving Date

    • Purchase packing supplies, such as packing boxes, tape, packing paper, and black markers to label boxes.  Copper Palm Moving is happy to deliver these supplies to you.

    • Arrange an on-site estimate with your mover.  An on-site estimate assures you and your mover that there are no surprises on moving day.  Determine the services you require, will you pack yourselves, or will you want your movers to pack for you.  How about unpacking services at the new residence?  Making these decisions now will allow your mover to schedule enough time and manpower for your move.

    • Schedule the move with your moving company as soon as possible.  Popular dates such as the end of the month will fill quickly.

    2 Weeks Before Moving

    • Call utility companies to arrange for meter readings on the day of closing so that all services after that date are the responsibility of the new owner.  Have the utilities disconnected if the new owner has not arranged for a new account.

    • Arrange to have your telephone service discontinued on your move date.  Make certain that everyone associated with your move has your cell number.

    • Arrange to disconnect your cable or satellite TV.

    • Now do just the opposite to establish services at the new residence.

    • File a change of address at the post office, making it effective on your move date or a few days before.

    • Order bank checks with your new address.  

    • Arrange to have your prescriptions transferred to your new residence.

    • Start an essentials box containing all the things you’ll need immediately after you unload at your new location, such as toiletries, towels, a change of clothing, and bedding.

    1 Week Before Moving

    • If a house sale is involved confirm that your closing is on track and handle tasks required by your closing agent.  Arrange to have your homeowners insurance transferred to your new residence.

    • Confirm arrangements with your moving company.

    • Arrange to have pets and children cared for on moving day.

    On Moving Day

    • Walk through every part of your residence with your movers before they leave to make sure nothing has been left behind.  Look in every closet, open every drawer.  What about the attic?

    • Supervise the movers as they unload so that furniture and boxes get to the correct room.

    • Set aside much needed items such as keys, medicines, paperwork, personal items, chargers, phones, remotes.  Place these items in your car for safe transport to your new home.

    • If your new home has wood floors, purchase felt pads for the bottom of your furniture.  Your Copper Palm movers will be happy to apply them before setting your furniture on your wood floors.

    • Enjoy your new home!